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Aug 18 / Uyen

new blog home…

Happy Thursday!  I’m starting to weed out this blog and starting to update my blog here,  Please follow me, hope you are having a wonderful week!

{Much love}


Jul 19 / Uyen

mason jars.

I have always loved mason jars.  Storing, drinking, flower vases; just so many uses for them!  Lance and I have these cool drinking glasses engraved with our initial, but we keep accidently breaking them.  So I was thinking of how mason jars are so cute and could be used as drinking glasses as I’ve seen in some blogs.  We’ll break out our fancy glasses for entertaining but if I break one of these jars it’d be ok since they are so affordable.  I took some gold leaf and painted our last “initial”, “love”, “heart” on the jars to make them a little more personal.  Perfect for refreshing lemonade or spritzer.  What can be more summertime than this?

happy drinking.

Jul 18 / Uyen

cuz I got my apron on.

{Big sniff…….sniff..sniff}
Lovin my new chalkboard sign on my pantry door :)

I decided to busta move in the kitchen and came up with a tasty little treat!  Thanks to, I got the recipe
here.  I wish I could be more fancy in the kitchen but for now I’m happy with my progress.  I just though my hubs could enjoy these yummy whoopie pies after a long days work.
 Have a Great Day!

Jul 17 / Uyen

hello…it’s been awhile

I apologize for my lack of posts, my hiatus was much needed but now I’m back full throttle!  So much has gone on lately but my handsome hubs and I are determined to get things done around the house!  Our bathroom is still the priority on our to do list.
Our next few steps in the next couple of weeks is:
Pick out fixtures for shower
Shower walls
From there we hope it’ll keep us rolling.

Of course, I have my brain always thinking of new projects… and I want to paint my kitchen cabinets!  I know I know, a huge project but I think I can do it!  Our current cabinets are great-please don’t get me wrong, they are perfectly good.  It’s just I’ve been dreaming of WHITE cabinets.  Awwww how clean they look!
 So many whites to choose from.  Who knew?

 We are also in the middle of replacing our white appliances with stainless steel ones.  As you can see, the microwave is awaiting it’s new home.  :)  What do you think?  Hopefully the white cabinets will compliment the countertops and appliances.  I’m so excited to get started.  While my hubs is working on the bathroom, I will be sanding, sanding, and sanding.  I have to prep the cabinets before I paint them.  Of course we are always on a budget, and thank goodness there is a Sherman Williams store right around the corner from us and they are having a sale starting July 22nd.  All paints and supplies are 40% off.  Glllooorrrrious!

Kitchen Inspirations
Beautiful…awwww dreaming of a whiiiittte kitchennn!

{I have vowed to be better at documenting my projects so I can become a better blogger!  Until then, happy blogging}

Apr 21 / Uyen


I have certain things I always carry on me. Thats probably why my bag ends up being heavy and huge. Ha!  Here are a few things you’ll probably always find on me.  It’s good stuff

Must have

  1. I lied, Ok I don’t carry all of these things on me but most. I love love love my Keurig. It is just fabulous. It creates a perfect serving of morning deliciousness. If you are coffee drinker, this is a must have. You can even brew teas too!
  2. iphone. I am very rarely without my phone. It’s probably a bad thing but I really can’t live without it.
  3. Surf spray by Bumble and Bumble. I love this stuff! I creates awesome volume and beach hair. It’s a new favorite.
  4. Bobble water bottle. So I have been trying to drink 100 ounces of water a day. Can I just say bathroom break every 5 minutes. And I get made fun of all the time…yes I put bottled water in my filtered water bottle. What?
  5. MAC conceler. Yes I live by this. I naturally have bags under my eyes…. so this helps me look less tired. I need more sleep!
  6. Aquaphor- I’ve posted about this product before. Best lip stuff ever, luscious lips! Muah!
  7. Tiffany earrings- you will always find these on my lobes.
  8. Trish McEvoy mascara. This is great because it doesn’t smear, so you won’t look like you have raccoon eyes. Also when
    you wash your face, the mascara comes off in a tube like form. Very cool.

    What is a must have of yours?

Apr 19 / Uyen

weekend wrap up.

Why do weekends always fly by so fast?  Oh right, time flies when your havin fun.  Ha!  I was a busy little bee this weekend.  It was filled with work, fun, and home improvement.  I always love gaining progress with a project, I feel so productive and I get so excited to see my vision become a reality!
Here is a sneak peek.

So here’s a look into my new closet space.  We are transforming a spare bedroom into my sanctuary…  We picked up the Ikea Stolmen this weekend and thanks to my hubs, it turned out fabulous.  He’s always is so patient and so handy!  When I looked at the directions to put the Stolmen together, I got crossed eyed.  I took this pic on my iphone, but you get the idea.  I am in love with this room as it stores all my beautiful things.
*My amazing wedding dress… my friend Tammy help me make this beauty!  I still like to put it on once in a while and prance around.  Hee-hee
* My old ice skating costumes….my oldest sister made those!  I am surrounded by fabulous seamstresses!
* My collection of purses
*My shoe collection
To complete my room, I’m still searching for:
A round ottoman
I will have a updated post of my finished room hopefully soon!

We got so much done.. Not only did we work on my room but also our guest room.  We finally got a bed for that room so now we just have to store all the extra stuff we’ve put in that room.  Outta sight, outta mind right?  Ha!  Looking for a cute dresser to refinish and some wall accessories.  I just want to keep that room clean and simple.

Wanna know who else is my sidekick besides my hubby on projects?
He’s quite a good helper :)
Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Apr 15 / Uyen

1st addition to my lookbook.

Eek!  This is so nerve wracking!  I have never been nervous to dance in front of thousands of people or public speak, but for some reason taking pics of myself is scary!  Anyhow… here goes.
So the weather is absolutely beautiful right now, wish I could play outside all day.  I am so thankful for my girlfriend taking these photos.  You can visit her at
ElizabethFiorePhotography.  She’s fabulous and loves what she does.
For my very first lookbook, I wanted to wear something cute and girly.  As you will see I tend to mix my high end pieces with affordable chic pieces.  I try to invest in classic pieces that I know will be timeless.  As for the new trendy stuff, I don’t mind shopping at more reasonable stores.  I love skirts, you will see me in lots of them as I think they are so comfy.  Plus I feel they are so versatile and easy to pair with anything.

T-Shirt:  Nordstrom’s Rack
: Forever 21
Jacket: Forever 21
Boots: Frye
Jewelry:  Tiffany Bracelet and Earrings, Fossil Watch, Anthropologie Necklace

*Photos courtesy of ElizabethFiorePhotography

Apr 14 / Uyen


Laughter, sound advice, sympathy, happiness, concern, stories, experiences, sadness, love, opinions, conversations….  Those are some thoughts that come to mind when I think of my sisters and friends.  Let me tell you how much I love my sisters, but you will see that story in a future post :)  As for my friends I have some of the greatest friends.  Some I’ve known for years and others I’ve gained in the past few years.  And I adore each and everyone one of them.  Each of my girlfriends have such amazing qualities and definitely have such a positive influence in my life.  I keep telling myself that I need to see my girlfriends more!  How hard is it to meet once a month?  But time flies and before I know it, it’s the end of the month.
Do any of you have a hard time seeing your friends often?  Even though we don’t see each other on a daily basis, I feel as though the next time I see them, it was as though I just saw them.  Okay… that last sentence was probably confusing and not proper english but it made sense in my head :)
Anyhow, I guess I’m rambling but I’ll get to the point.  My world has been filled with technology these days.  A quick e-mail or conversation over text.  All, is fabulous and I love the different varieties of communication but I had the most refreshing phone call today.  I use to dance with my friend Serene back in the day.  I haven’t seen her for almost 5 years, but we’ve kept in touch here and there.  I finally got to talk to her over the phone and it was so great to catch up after all these years.  It was so good to hear her voice and it was as if it was 5 years ago.  Lance and I are planning our Anniversary trip and it just so happens that she lives in the big NYC, I’m so excited to be traveling there this summer!  Anyhow, that just made me so excited to know we get to catch up in person!
So in conclusion,  I’ve decided I’m going to do a better job in communicating with my girlfriends.  No texting, no e-mails, but I”m going to pick up the phone to say “hello”

So friends, you know who you all are… I adore you.

girl talk
Apr 13 / Uyen

diamonds and sparkles oh my.

So I haven’t always been a jewelry person. But lately I’ve been accessorizing my outfits with just more then my wedding ring and tiffany bracelet. I actually do not own that much jewelry so I’ve created some must have’s that I need to encorporate into my collection. Do any of my fellow bloggers have any of these pieces shown below? If so, do you love love love?

Apr 12 / Uyen

yum yum yum.

I enjoy yummy food and little quirky places!  So I’ll try to post the yummy places I’ve been too and hopefully you can pay a visit yourselves :)  If you have never been to Liberty Market, then you must try it sometime!  It’s such a cute place and has a delicious menu.  I personally have had the Best Chicken Sandwich: grilled breast, monterey jack, spicy avocado spread, chipotle vinaigrette, tomato, red onion, and shredded iceberg.  And it was so tasty!
Picture Courtesy of Liberty Market
If you know me, you would know I love my caffeine!  And they had the best strong cappucino.  It gave me a great jolt!
Picture taken by me :)
Happy Eating!